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AVC (Athletic Video Connection) is a FGI company offering video and audio solutions to athletic venues in all major sporting categories. From coaching video assist equipment, to fan entertainment and information displays as well as point of sales kiosks. Another promotional service area we plan to address is live event video streaming to spectators and or coaching staff. If you are looking for assistance in any of these areas. End Zone Cameras, High Speed HD Cameras, CCTV Security Cameras, Instant Replay Video Systems, Video Displays , Video IP Streaming Encoders, Video Telestators as well as all your audio and intercom needs. AVC will be here to help.

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BoxCaster Pro

The BoxCaster Pro is a very powerful encoder, designed for easy, professional level streaming, and backed by BoxCast's advanced video platform. Plus, we'll automatically archive all your events so you don't have to do any additional work. With BoxCast, you schedule your broadcast ahead of time meaning one less thing to keep track of on the day of your event. Your viewers will get a perfectly-sized picture on any device - smartphone, tablet or computer. And with no buffering or annoying ads, your viewers won't be distracted from your streamed content.

Ping HD Interactive Kiosks

Ping HD provides customized communication solutions specific to each client application, including: digital menu boards, digital signage networks, interactive kiosk and touch-screen interfaces–all backed by an end-to-end team to assist with concept, strategy, implementation and even monitoring and support. Unlike expensive and inflexible on-premise alternatives, Ping HD provides a multi-tenant, subscription based solution hosted in the Cloud. Using a standard web browser, Ping HD customers can manage a single player through to a multi-country network of thousands of devices.

Envivo Replay System

Envivo is a slow-motion replay system that allows for multiple camera inputs and multiple controlled outputs, we provide everything you need! Envivo Replay helps you monetize and capitalize on every moment and every image you capture on this system. Direct capture to publication through your controlled social media outlets. Sports and Live Event productions are part of nearly everyone’s daily existence. In some way, we all consume some form of entertainment every 24 hours. Envivo Replay is key to reaching your audience, in either a live or recorded workflow.

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